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dietitian, fullness factor, health, Nutrition
dietitian, health

“what has that got to do with the price of nuts?”

This week I found myself asking what has that got to do with the price of nuts?.  The subject in question was my health.

Nuts cost a small fortune; a bag is going to leave you with only a few useless coppers in exchange for your fiver. I did, however, decide this week to bite the bullet and splash out on a fine selection of those hard-walled little kernels. What persuaded me was their undeniable nutritious goodness. They hold essential amino acids, are packed full of numerous vitamins and minerals, are fibre-rich, and are even a great source of those illustrious ‘good fats’ – the omegas.

I wanted to see whether my relatively hefty health investment paid off. I wanted to see if I felt a suitable surge in vitality, happiness and contentment.

The ‘Fine Selection’ offering from Waitrose included some of the heavyweights of the nut world, namely:

  • The Brazil Nut.   Did you know… one of these creamy gems gives you your whole days supply of selenium, which actually repairs your DNA.
  • The Pistachio (unsalted and raw) contains decent amounts of iron and has one of the higher sources of key antioxidants that reduce blood cholesterol.
  • The Pecan. Apparently George Washington frequently carried these in his pockets.
  • The Almond. Miraculously reduce after-meal surges in blood sugar, whilst packing enough antioxidants to mop up free radicals in the body.

So far I’ve added pistachios to my mid morning snack and devoured a handful of pecans after this afternoon’s sweaty, hilly run. Currently  far the checks and balances appear all in order and I must say I am feeling delightfully content!

I shall eagerly wait to see how long these benefits last, and report back whether I decide to part with my hard earned cash next week.


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The Pancake, let it be the holder of goodness not merely heavily sat upon by chocolate spread

Today is Shrove Tuesday, it get’s its name from the ritual of shriving, in shriving, a person confesses their sins and receives absolution for them.

As Lent is a time of abstinence, this meant that the Tuesday before was the last day of indulgence, which of course pairs with the enjoyment of food!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.40.01

So where do the pancakes come in?

The necessity  to eat up the fats gave rise to the French name Mardi Gras (‘fat Tuesday’) and as the traditional fat stores in the house just so happened to once combined  create a mixture,  which when put in a pan made a sort of cake…

…the pancake became associated with Shrove Tuesday.

I have a strong love for pancakes of which I know I am not alone, however I think people should be more creative and use the unique characteristics of  the pancake mix for many more  dishes new and old.


why not utilise their dare I say generic flavour, and sweet/savoury adaptive nature  taking advantage of the  ‘quick to make’ lifestyle  ideal!



  • Use a high quality low GI, slow release flour such as spelt, whole wheat or buckwheat
  • Try adding seeds, nuts and oats to mix to add desirable crunch and nutrients
  • Put oil onto paper towel and rub pan rather then laden it


Alongside  the tradition of pancakes today,  I am also considering another tradition, the one of giving something up for lent.

I have decided to try and give up the act of complacency, there is always more you can learn, do and give!

Happy shrove tuesday try something new and start something great,


Screen shot 2014-02-20 at 22.24.59

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Eat breakfast, do not let hunger get in the way of conquering your day!


Combining Apple (with skin), jumbo oats (unmilled), seeds and yoghurt (unsweetened) you are indeed combining protein, slow release carbohydrate and essential fatty acids!

The concoction gives slow release energy in a tasty highly satisfying form.

Just do it, follow my facebook page for daily updates,



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90% of your immune system is located in your gut, so we better treat it right

C-section birth ‘link to later obesity’

when I heard this a myriad of reasons came to mind; the number of c-sections amongst obese mothers, random demographics and statistical madness. however looking a little closer to the difference for the baby it became apparent;

There are two main theories about how vaginal birth could protect against obesity:

  • the stress of a natural birth may alter the activity of genes in the baby which interact with appetite 
  • normal birth exposes the baby to crucial bacteria that colonise the gut, so differences in gut bacteria could in the future affect weight

I then heard that 90% of our immunity comes from the gut, so we oughta treat it right!

when we eat we rely on bacteria to help digest our food and convert it into energy and fat, different microbes digest different parts.

gut-bacteria_wide-91d636956b96c533dc9f9f11f224fd57767d869f-s6-c30“Eating a healthy diet encourages microbes associated with leanness to quickly become incorporated into the gut. But a diet high in saturated fat and low in fruits and vegetables thwarts the invasion of microbes associated with leanness.”

There is always a competition for space and resources within life, so lets give the right food to create the right colony of microbes to give us the best health!

So less sugar, more fibre and adding gut loving ingredients  such as flax seed, Fennel seed and  sesame seeds to soups salads anything you can really, be creative.


Drinking teas with peppermint & liquorice aid comfortable digestion



Do what you can as often as you can, as optimal digestive health is the foundation upon which total body health is built!


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Teaching, preaching does help prevent the second reach

Discussing strategies to help lose and maintain weight with people is always good at halting my second dip into the biscuit packet! Sometimes advising is great form of reaffirmation.


Thanks Anjali hope my advice helps, please update me with pictures of your masterpieces!